Afghan Logistics have been established at a time when Afghanistan was full of uncertainty and in its darkest stage. From the day first Afghan Logistics operates with market intelligence, determination, passion and commitment to our clients, business partners, and long-term vision. Afghan Logistics, established in 2002, is expanding to this day and well-known in the region with a solid reputation known to the local and international community.

Afghan Logistics prides itself being the first to start as a 24 hours Taxi Services Company with high standards and the first non-government company to offer Life and Operational Support Services to international community in Afghanistan just right after the establishment of new government in 2002. Today this company is one of the most trusted and successful Afghan companies.

Afghan Logistics established itself as ‘one-stop shop’ in Afghanistan and provide solutions in the areas of:  Global Logistics & Transportation | Operational & Life Support Services | B6 Armored & Soft Skin Vehicle, Rental, Lease, 24/7 Taxi, Parts & Services and other logistical support upon request.

Today the company employs 44 personnel; this itself is an indication of the successful journey providing services in the beautiful country of Afghanistan. The company provides 24/7 services to many embassies, organizations, NGOs, local and international companies operating in Afghanistan and worldwide.

Starting out as a 24 hours  taxi services business we have now developed our expertise into a Global Logistics & Transportation | Operational & Life Support Services | B6 Armored & Soft Skin Vehicle, Rental, Lease, 24/7 Taxi, Parts & Services and other logistical support upon request, Afghan Logistics have quickly gained trust among the NGOs, Companies, Embassies, International Entities, Expatriate- and Journalist community of Afghanistan as a reliable Operational & Life Support Services Company.

As a next step we are particularly excited to announce a further achievement in our business in order to value the trust of our customers and being the first Afghan company which started the 24 hours  taxi services in  Afghanistan in 2002 we have developed our mobile phone application in 2018  to provide pre- booking and instant 24 hours taxi services in other words book now and book later 24 hours secure  taxi  services with high standard of quality  with  B6 Armored & Soft Skin vehicles in  Kabul city  and later on we will start this service in other major cities  of the country as well, to make it simple the Afghan Logistics 24 hours taxi services application works exactly as Uber and Lyft applications  to download our application, sign up and enjoy this world – class service please click here .

Please see our client testimonials section for references from our major customers.

Furthermore we are particularly excited to announce a further extension to our business we have registered Afghan Logistics in UAE / Dubai in year 2014, in Turkey / Istanbul  in year 2015 to facilitate our valued customers in most efficient and professional way  as we all know that Afghanistan is a land- locked and consuming country and most of the supplies  we get into Afghanistan are supplied from UAE ,Turkey, and worldwide market -places having  physical offices and presence in these three business hub countries will enable Afghan Logistics to support companies and entities operating in Afghanistan professionally, timely and Hussle free  to contact us please click here.

Beyond that we have translated our logistical expertise into providing high-quality, well planned Business Assistance, Operational and Live Support Services in Afghanistan our solutions, include, but are not limited to the following.

  • We plan and organize business assistance and investment packages throughout the country specially in Kabul, Mazar e Sharif, Herat and other major cities of Afghanistan.
  • We provide visa assistance and letter of invitation to valued customers.
  • We make pre-arrangements for your accommodation at various destinations, for your air-tickets and many more.
  • We provide B6 Armored and Soft Skin Cars, and professional drivers, for daily weekly, monthly and long-term rental and lease services.
  • We provide 24 hours high quality and secure taxi services with B6 Armored and Soft Skin Cars in Kabul city to down load our App and enjoy our world-class services please click here.
  • We provide airport transfers with B6 Armored and Soft Skin vehicles.
  • With support of APPF we provide highly trained armed security guard.
  • We provide business registration assistance, and arrange meetings with relevant ministries, entities and government authorities.
  • We provide office and business establishment services.
  • We provide travel guides around Kabul and all other parts of Afghanistan.
  • We provide translators who speak English, Pashto and Dari who are second to none and can arrange your meetings and support you anytime anywhere.
  • Our dedicated advisors are able to give you a reliable idea of what to expect from their own firsthand experience.
  • As a local company we can provide any kind of logistical, operational, and security services you may need.
  • We can source and supply logistics from local and international market places.
  • We work very closely with the Afghanistan government ministries and departments to insure your trip, or business establishment in Afghanistan is successful, hassle free, and to insure your safe journey.

We at Afghan Logistics look forward to help you that you can have a successful business journey in Afghanistan do look at the rest of our website and see where we can help you the best with your travel or business strategies.

We are a tried and tested bunch, most of all we are fun & Professional to work with!

To contact us and give us the privilege being at your service please click here.