Operations Manager

Mr. Najeeb Jamshady is Operations Manager

Mr. Najeeb Jamshady

Operations Manager

Mr. Najeeb Jamshady is the fifth son of the Jamshady’s family he has started his professional occupation as an Admin & Dispatch Manager at Afghan Logistics since 2002, when Mr. Wahid Jamshady the Third son of the Jamhady’s family moved to Dubai to manage Afghan Logistics Dubai Branch in year 2014 the family decided to give the operations management of Afghan Logistics to Mr. Najeeb Jamshady, as he already had 12 years of experience in Admin & Dispatch Department of Afghan Logistics.

He has supported and established Afghan Logistics from the beginning in 2002 , and now in charge of our operations, which includes supplies, car rentals, 24 hours taxi services and daily governmental offices activities. He is always a professional; he is determined and hardworking. He has a proven track-record and can get the job done; on time, anytime, and anywhere.

Through Mr. Najeeb Jamshady’s actions, Afghan Logistics has proven operational results from 2002 until the present day. Afghan Logistics is proud, pleased, and privileged to have him onboard to support Afghan Logistics with operations management. Companies and clients using Afghan Logistics will experience relaxed and hassle-free services. Delivery and service responsiveness are offered 24/7; whether it be a land-locked country like Afghanistan, with challenging operational efforts, or any part of the world, you can count on smooth service delivery of Afghan Logistics by support of Mr. Najeeb Jamshady.