Terms & Condition

  1. All our clients, business partners and passengers need to understand Afghanistan’s Constitution, laws and culture and obey it while using Afghan Logistics services, in case of violation he or she will be responsible for any consequences.
  2. All our clients, business partners and passengers are never allowed to carry unlicensed weapons, drugs or anything illegal while using Afghan Logistics services in case of violation we will immediately report it to relevant government authorities and we will not be responsible for any consequences may happen to you.
  3. If the a client take any criminal action while using Afghan Logistics services, he/she will be responsible and his/her case will be prosecuted under Afghanistan’s legal code.
  4. The client need be polite and respectful to Afghan Logistics staff. If you have any comments, complaints and suggestions or any problem with our drivers, or other staff please contact Afghan Logistics Head of Operations at this number +93 786 44 22 11 and we will be more than happy to hear from you, your inputs surely builds up our business.
  5. If you have cash or expensive items with you and you need to keep them somewhere safe till end of your trip or business activities with us please come to our main office in Shar e Naw / Kabul and give them to Mr. Hakim Jamshady please check his ID for security and safety of your expensive items he will keep it in our central safe / locked till you need them back once you received them please check them before you leave Mr. Hakim Jamshady’s office in case you lose any item after you leave his office Afghan Logistics is not responsible for that.
  6. The clients should not leave any expensive item in Afghan Logistics vehicles, or any premises and should check the vehicles or any Afghan Logistics premises before leaving to make sure nothing is forgotten in the vehicle or our premises in case of losing something Afghan Logistics is not responsible.
  7. All bookings should be done through our 24 hours Dispatch Office, the numbers are +93798 44 33 11 / +93777 44 33 11 / +93700 44 33 11 / +93786 44 33 11 or e-mail at admin@afghan-logistics.com or by our Mobile phone Application to download our App please click here.
  8. All Quotations, proposals, and contractual enquiries need to be officially requested by e-mail by sending an official e-mail at info@afghan-logistics.com usually we reply e-mails within 24 hours if you do not hear from us with 24 hours please give us a call or make sure you sent your e-mail to the right e-mail address.
  9. Bookings made through drivers or any other Afghan Logistics staff other than our Admin & Dispatch Office Managers are not valid and we will not be responsible for any bookings thus made.
  10. Please do not make urgent bookings by e-mail: when making a booking for which the service is required in less than 24 hours’ phone call or our Mobile Phone Application is the best option to download our Application please click here.
  11. The long-term clients will receive an invoice at the end of each month, which will be system generated, by e-mails or physically delivered to them as per our payment term his/her invoice need to be paid within 7 working days from the day which the invoice is issued, if you already received an invoice and want to pay online by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal please click here.
  12. If an individual client want to rent or lease an armored and soft skin car on monthly or  long-term basis with or without driver, the client is required to bring a copy of his/her or passport a copy of his / her valid driving license, to Afghan Logistics office, and a one-month refundable rental payment of the car will be collected from client as a deposit also  two person is required as references one from private sector / a business owner and one active Afghan Government Employee.  The client will receive an invoice at the end of each month, and the client should pay the rental / lease payment of the car within 7 days from the day which invoice is issued. if you already received an invoice and want to pay online by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal please click here.
  13. If contract is signed with a national or international companies, NGOs or entities a passport copy, deposit payment or reference is not required just a purchase order is enough for Afghan logistics to deliver the service.
  14. When we employ drivers or any other staff, they are security vetted and we discuss with them whether the offered salary is enough for them or not and they confirm it is. Therefore, please do not discuss any job issues, wages or other employment conditions with our drivers or any Afghan Logistics staff. Clients are not allowed to employ Afghan Logistics staff. If you have any employment vacancies the best source is the Employment Services Centers and we can provide you their contact details upon request. Please also let us know if our drivers or staff discusses with you these issues this will help us to build up a better business relationship with you.
  15. If Afghan Logistics drivers or any staff misbehaves, they are late, drive fast or they do not respect the Traffic Rules and Regulations, please call Afghan Logistics Head of Operations at this number +93 786 44 22 11 and we will be more than happy to hear from you, your inputs surely builds up our business.
  16. All long-term B6 Armored Vehicle rental and lease bookings need to be made via official e-mail at least 24 hours before the service is needed or through our Smart Phone Application to download please click here.
  17. If you need to buy, rent , lease or maintain any type of vehicles, such as  Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota 4Runner,  Toyota Hi Ace Van  or B6 Armored Land Cruisers or  you need any other logistical support , please give us a call at +93 786 44 22 11 or e-mail us at info@afghan-logistics.com we will be delighted to support.
  18. The clients are allowed to tip drivers, but drivers are not allowed to ask for more money from clients other than agreed and given rates.
  19. If the client books the car for full day or long term, the client needs to give a one-hour lunch and prayer break at noon for the driver that he can come to the Afghan Logistics office, or provide him with lunch and give him time for his prayer, at the client’s premises.
  20. Cancellation policy: for city and airport picks and drops 6 hours before the services starts and for daily usage 24 hours before the service starts failure to this a 50 % charge of the booking amount will be applied, for daily and weekly flat bookings a one-day full charge will be applied no matter when the client cancels, but for long -term contracts one month prior notice is required if the client cancel a long-term contract less than a month prior notice one month rental of the each vehicle will be charged as a penalty fee.
  21. Cancellation Fare for our 24 hours B6 Armored and Soft Skin Taxi services via our Smart Phone Application for each type of car is listed in “Cancellation Fare “section of our Smart Phone Application, if the client cancels a booking our system automatically charge client’s credit card if the client does not have a card added in his / her account the cancellation fee would be added to her/ his next trip charge.
  22. If a contract is signed between Afghan Logistics and an organization, embassy, company, NGO, or representative of any country to Afghanistan, they are responsible for violation of these terms & conditions by their staff who use Afghan Logistics services by that contract.
  23. All quotations can be provided with and without fuel, maintenance and driver.
  24. As an added value armed security guard, translator/ fixer and, guide can be provided with vehicle rental and lease services the charges would be according to client level of requirements, we can provide different level of skilled armed security guards, translators/ fixers and guides at a different level of charges, on daily, weekly, monthly and long-term basis.
  25. The vehicle rental and lease rates in Kabul city would be a fixed rate on daily, weekly, monthly and long-term basis, but the vehicle rental and lease rates for out site of Kabul will be based on distance of the trip and period of the contract.
  26. Usually we will provide quotations and rates based on Kabul city area of operations, if you plan to go outside of Kabul please mention that prior getting the quotation from us in order to quote you precisely, we need as much detailed information as possible regarding your day to day operations.
  27. If vehicles rented or leased with driver and fuel, the insurance of our driver, our vehicle and third party loss is covered by our insurance policy the second party ( the client ) and any other staff of the client who use our vehicles for the entire period of rental or lease contract is not covered by Afghan Logistics insurance policy the second party / the client need to arrange the insurance of their staff whom use Afghan  logistics vehicles through their own insurance resources.
  28. If the vehicle is rented or leased without driver only routine maintenance of the vehicle is covered by Afghan Logistics, the vehicle accident, damage, loss, stolen, fire, damage due to natural disaster, or any other damage due to bomb explosion or attacks are not covered by Afghan Logistics the clients need to get full coverage insurance for our vehicles through their own insurance resources Afghan Logistics can provide insurance coverage upon request but our standard quotation do not included the insurance of vehicles rented or leased without drivers.
  29. Afghan Logistics cannot guarantee any loss of the clients, and business partners raised due to accidents, explosion, attacks or any other circumstances while using our services whether it be life Afghan Logistics will not bear any cost raised due to medical, recovery or evacuation circumstances.
  30. Rates are negotiable for long -term rental & lease services.
  31. Due to the current volatility in oil-prices, our rates may be subjected to change at point of rental and lease services.
  32. Afghan Logistics reserve the right to cancel any booking made by clients and business partners at any time without prior notice to clients and business partners cancellation reasons include, but are not limited to the following:
    • In case we find out that client destination of trip is not safe or it is not in green zone.
    • In case of an emergency or unpredicted situation
    • Incase of a sudden attack or security risk alert to any of our staff or premises
    • In case of seeing any illegal item with client
    • In case the client, be very rude with our staff
    • In case client misuse our services
    • In case the client does not obey the contract terms & condition
    • In case the client tries to carry unlicensed guns or ammunition in our vehicles
    • In case the client, be late or not show up without prior notice
    • In case of asking the driver to take unknown and unsecure routes
    • In case of having more luggage or passenger than legally allowed number of PAX in our vehicles and forcing the drive to accept it and drive

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