A Few Words on Safety in Afghanistan

One of the first questions which people will ask travelers who have been to Afghanistan is “is it safe?”

We at Afghan Logistics can whole-heartily tell you as of 2019: “yes, it is – in all regions of the north, west and central of the country”. There is some volatility in the South and South East, particularly in border areas with Pakistan and the Kandahar Helmand areas. Everywhere else trips, and business investment can be undertaken safely, particularly when traveling or planning business strategies  with an experienced Logistics company like Afghan Logistics.

Having said that it is certainly not as safe as traveling to countries like Australia but then again neither is driving a car or flying by air-plane. Safety is subjective and relative to your own level of comfort and definition of what is and is not an acceptable risk. It has been our experience that people base safety decisions more on emotion than on fact. There are two excellent examples of this. The first is the panic over SARS, a disease that took significantly fewer lives than influenza, malaria, dengue fever, road accidents, and a host of other potential events which people face every day around the world (tourists included) and do not cancel travel plans over. The second is the panic over terrorism, again statistically speaking there are far greater risks than a terrorist act which is something you have no control over, so living in fear of it can be considered something very irrational. But most people don’t use objective statistical analysis in assessing risks, preferring to leave such endeavors to actuaries.

Most people coming to Afghanistan find it to be a very friendly and hospitable country and feel welcome by the locals. They will discover that this country’s culture is characterized by pleasant people, music, poetry and beauty.

One has to understand that traditionally the Afghan mind does not tend towards religious radicalism. The Taliban – super-imposed by outside forces – only had a chance to succeed the way they did due to the internal chaos created by warring political factions and the Taliban’s promise to clean up the mess. They did not succeed because of the Afghans’ susceptibility to radical Islam. Due to that the largest majority of Afghans today had enough of war and conflict and certainly are not hostile to foreigners – by contrast they are the most hospitable people you will ever meet. Of course, as with all countries, there is no one-size fits all depiction of her people. There may be the odd example of an Afghan who does not fit this picture. But on more than average, that is what you are bound to encounter.

Afghan Logistics work very closely with Afghan Government security Organs. As such we are able to stay on top of the latest security situations and take the safety and well being of our customers very seriously indeed.

Afghan Logistics reserve the right to release information if asks by appropriate authorities to comply with the law or to protect the safety and integrity of our employees, users or others.

We do not compromise your safety for profit reasons!

To read a newspaper article, which illustrates well the relativity of risk click here or if you still have any question or concern regarding security and safety issues in Afghanistan please feel free to contact us by clicking here