Why invest in afghanistan

History & Investment Opportunity

Over 35 years of  invasions, proxy wars, internal wars, and functional wars in Afghanistan caused her to lose every single infrastructure and investment opportunities but let’s do not forget that this itself is an indirect investment opportunity to those who look for new places to invest as we know in many of  first world countries good  businesses are accoupled and franchised from many years ago but in Afghanistan none of those businesses are existed or people know about them this itself is a great investment opportunity.


Farther more geographically, environmentally, minerally, intellectually and potentially Afghanistan has a lot to sell and has a lot still untouched there are numinous investment opportunities in this incredible country, having this said Afghanistan is still 90 % consuming country and imports lots of goods and supplies from overseas this again itself is another investment and business opportunity.


Joblessness is to its highest level and more than 63.7 of Afghans from both genders are young and ready to work this is another great opportunity to recruit your manpower there with very reasonable monthly wage, please read a UNFPA report about young generation of Afghanistan by clicking here


Leasing land is not as difficult as many other countries you can lease land from Afghanistan government or landlords with very reasonable annually lease rate in all major cities we will share more details regarding this once you take a serious investment decision.


Getting license is also very easy the Afghan Government give 2-5 years tax free license to certain investment sectors we can share more details regarding this once you seriously planned your investment.

Corporate Tax Rate

Afghanistan average corporate tax rate is 20 % it is very reasonable to compare many other countries in the world to read more about Afghanistan Corporate Tax Rates and more business-related reports please click here.

Planning & Market Strategies

Do you want to pop into the country and invest in one of the great sectors ?, such as mining, agriculture, aviculture, different kind of farming ( fish, chicken, cow, turkey etc.) , natural stone mining and processing, dry and fresh fruits production, packing, processing and trade locally and internationally  food and dairy production packing, processing  and trade (local market  has a big demand) corps, Afghan Saffron is the best quality for export ( Western Countries, India and  Gulf Countries such as Dubai, and Saudi are ready buyers), handicrafts, jewelries, stones and many more we at Afghan Logistics surveyed many business opportunities in Afghanistan and ready to share with serious investors and possibly become a partner therefore we encourage you to come and invest here it is guaranteed nowhere else has much untouched opportunities to offer, to be realistic there are some parts of the country in south and eastern parts where the security is still not promising to invest but there are lots of other places in Kabul, central and northern parts of the country that the security situation is promising and allows you to invest, produce and  trade locally or export from Afghanistan overseas.

We at Afghan Logistics look forward to welcome you and give you a business tour of Afghanistan do contact us and share your investment and business ideas with us or seek our support to contact us please click here.