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Over 16 years of successful business and serving numinous satisfied customers we at Afghan Logistics learned how hard it is to transfer funds or payments to Afghanistan as our Banking System is still not reached to International Standards all Afghanistan Banks use intermediate banks for wire transfers to and from Afghanistan it  takes  weeks to reach to a beneficiary therefore Afghan Logistics made our own Payment Gateway which is integrated in our website and mobile application, where you can pay securely by all Major Credit Cards, and Debits Cards and PayPal your payment to Afghan Logistics is just a click away if you have an invoice or a pending payment from Afghan Logistics do not worry just click below and pay securely, efficiently and hassle free once your payment is done you will get a system generated confirmation e-mail confirming your successful payment.


Payment Policy:  As you know to process payments via Cards or PayPal there is always a processing fee which will be charged by Payment Gateway Company or PayPal therefore any payment done via Afghan Logistics Payment Portal  our system automatically charge you an amount of 4.5 % as processing fee and we will include that in the actual amount due to pay once payment is successfully done you will get a successful payment confirmation e-mail there you will be able to see  the amount which is charged as processing fee and grand total amount charged.

To pay an invoice or pending payments by major cards please click here

To pay your pending payment or invoice by PayPal please click here